Save the SF Flower Market!

Hello friends, it's me again-- in my last blog post, I got real excited about blogging... and now, almost a month has passed and I've only written one other post. Trust me, I have a lot of topics in mind... local flower farmers, my trip to Morocco, European flower markets... and yet time seems to slip away from me. Well, I have a good excuse. It's wedding season and I'm in the rhythm of going to the planning, marketing, arranging and then delivering. 

I digress!

The reason why I'm here today is to let folks know that part of the San Francisco Flower Market is in danger of being sold. This is serious, y'all. Our flower market is, hands down, one of the best in the country. It's a refreshing step back into a small economy where, for example, growers sell their own product. Vendors hand-select their inventory. Receipts are WRITTEN BY HAND. Your product is rolled to your car with someone you know and joke with every week.

As a small business owner, I believe that it's important that we create an economy that provides good, working class jobs. The market is home to hundreds of working class jobs, and the market houses/serves hundreds more small businesses like flower farmers and florists, like me. The sale of the San Francisco Flower Market to Kilroy Real Estate threatens all of this.

Finally, the SF Flower Market is one of FIVE grower-owned wholesale markets in the country. C'mon people. This isn't funny. We gotta save this place.

We need to stop Kilroy Real Estate NOW. The land owners have until December to decide whether or not they will sell to Kilroy. WE STILL HAVE TIME. What can you do to help? Why, let me tell you:

  1. >>>Sign this petition<<<
  2. Email the California Flower Market ( and San Francisco Flower Growers Association ( Ultimately, these are the dudes who get to decide whether or not the market gets sold!
  3. If you live in SF, talk to your rep about why you think the market should be saved. Can we get some serious change in zoning or some sort of protected status? Can we?!

I plan on keeping my ears on the ground. I'll keep you posted. Onward!