Save the SF Flower Market!

Hello friends, it's me again-- in my last blog post, I got real excited about blogging... and now, almost a month has passed and I've only written one other post. Trust me, I have a lot of topics in mind... local flower farmers, my trip to Morocco, European flower markets... and yet time seems to slip away from me. Well, I have a good excuse. It's wedding season and I'm in the rhythm of going to the planning, marketing, arranging and then delivering.

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New blog, new post

Welcome to our new blog... a blank slate, as you can see.

Blogging is new to me and I know-- I'm about fifteen years late. To be honest, that's about on par with when I acquired a cell phone, a laptop, a smart phone. I just joined Instagram in April (follow me @hawthornflowerstudio) and FINALLY figured out why there were all those square pictures on Facebook. It's like a whole other world out there! Say whaaaat?

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