Megan Clouse Photography with Hawthorn Flower Studio

Our Story

Our Studio: wild, clean, natural

We are a floral studio with a focus on intimate, thoughtfully designed environments. Our aesthetic is wild yet clean, organic yet intentional. Nature is our guiding compass and we seek to honor the natural world by creating arrangements that feel new, familiar and never overdone.

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We are perfectionists with high standards. We take great care in cultivating strong relationships with a core group of local flower growers, event designers and clients. We experience great joy working with clients. Time and attention is our most precious asset and we happily offer a truly personalized service.

Our Owner

Melanie Tom is a fourth generation Bay Area local whose ancestors migrated from Southern China to San Francisco in the late 1800’s. From an early age, Melanie found solace in nature by exploring the East Bay’s creek beds and grassy hillsides, and learned the power of care and cultivation when ‘rescuing’ abandoned potted plants littering her neighborhood as an adult.


Landing in floral design happened entirely by chance. Intrigued by her co-worker's weekly bundles of farmer’s market flowers, Melanie started her exploration in floral design. Years later, she left a decade long career in paid political activism to pursue a new career in beauty and nature.


Melanie holds her relationships with family and loved ones above all. She resides in Oakland with her husband, with a daughter on the way. It is her compassion, vivid imagination and intrinsic connection to nature that informs her work.


The hawthorn plant is a woody shrub native to both the New and Old World. People have found different uses for this ancient plant over thousands of years, and its fragrant spring flowers and toothy tender leaves represent one of humankind’s oldest companions. Since the 1st century, it’s been used to cure ailments of the heart. Like our studio, the hawthorn takes its cue from the seasons and appears ever-more beautiful after each adaptation.